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taissafarmigaspam is now taissafarmigaw

New admin!

Hello there, I’m Marissa (you can call me Mari) and I’m the new admin of this blog. I hope you stay with me & enjoy the blog as much as you used to. x

jenniferlawrencefanmoved-deacti said:
"whoever angered you within the taissa fandom, there's no need to take it out on taissa or the blog you created tbh. :)"

Why do you assume someone angered me within the Taissa fandom? Why? Why? Why? And why do you assume I’m taking my anger out on my blog? Because I’m promoting my other blogs by reblogging my stuff before I shut this down forever? That’s it? And what anger I’m taking out on Taissa? Did I say anything bad about her? Did I say anything at all?

Anonymous said:
"Those anons are dumb. You are wonderful and I loved having you on my dash, and I hope that whatever has happened works itself out and everything. I will be following your multifandom :)"

That’s really nice of you, ‘cause my multifandom is really MULTIfandom. xD Thank you very much! I hope you have a great year, nice anon. ^^

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Anonymous said:
"I don't know what's going on with the whole "you're leaving AGAIN" deal, but i just wanted to tell that i enjoyed following you and that i hope you are doing fine."

I didn’t leave the first time, I just didn’t have a laptop nor a damn job to pay for it. So that wasn’t my decission. And thank you very much! Keep using your anon powers for good. ^^

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Anonymous said:
"Why? You can't just leave and not give a reason"

Yes, I can. Watch me. The reason’s personal and I won’t tell anything to a rude anon who sent me three messages saying basically the same thing.

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Anonymous said:
"Really disappointed in you you come back to leave again"

I didn’t come back, I didn’t have a laptop until then. And I can only dissappoint my mother, dear anon.

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Anonymous said:
"Why are you leaving?"

I leave because I want to.

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Goodbye for good.

So it’s almost 2014 here in Spain (Happy New Year everyone!) and I’ve decided that I definitely won’t be coming back to this blog. You can follow dissectingahsfarmigataissa and dailytaissafarmiga for great Taissa Farmiga/AHS stuff!. And if you really like Sherlolly or BtVS you can follow my blogs about them, here and here. And my multifandom one, of course, but that one’s just too random. It was great meeting you all and I’m really glad I got to live the “Taissa Farmiga fandom experience” from the beggining. See you!


The Bling Ring premiere - 66th Cannes Film Festival, May 16th, 2013

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